Specifically designed for the electroplating/metal plating industry, using proven technology for efficient rinse water control.

RinseTek controller kit with wired conductivity sensor

Order code: RM-33N

RM-33 control unit RM-33 sensor RM-33 valve assembly RM-33 valve assembly

The RinseTek RM-33N is a controller developed on the experience and principles gained with use of the RM-33, and is recommended as a replacement for all new users.

Designed with to withstand even harsher treatment from the plating industry, providing a smaller and lower cost method of controlling rinse water usage. The same controller functionality is retained in a smaller enclosure, easier to locate conveniently, and totally sealed, a transparent lid allowing an IR remote to be used for selecting parameters. This has the added benefit of preventing unauthorised changing of the setpoint, since the remote can be withheld and only used by trained personnel

Electrodeless conductivity technology is used because of its inherent accuracy and stability, with the added advantage that there is minimal requirement for cleaning or maintenance of the sensor.

As with its predecessor, the RM-33N is a complete rinse water control system kit including everything required to control the rinse water in a single swill tank. The kit comes pre-wired and installation time has been reduced to a minimum.

A specially designed polypropylene encapsulated conductivity sensor is used to measure the concentration of chemical contamination in the rinse tank, and a rugged solenoid valve is used to regulate the flow of water.

The RinseTek allows the volume of rinse water used to be measured with an integrated digital flow meter.

The system uses low voltage (24V) power to operate the controller and solenoid valve, so that the maximum safety benefits can be gained from use in the plating environment.

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